The Colors of Myanmar: A Photographic Exploration
The Colors of Myanmar: A Photographic Exploration

Ancient temples, Buddhist monasteries, remote untouched cultures, fascinating and complex  history are just some of the things that come to mind when one mentions the country of Burma (now known as Myanmar). With its many thousands of ancient temples and golden pagodas, traditional villages, sweeping landscapes, and friendly welcoming people, Myanmar is a true photographic and cultural jewel of Southeast Asia. Only recently has Myanmar opened up its borders to the western world and warmly welcomed visitors to explore its vibrant and storied cultural heritage. As a result of its self imposed isolation, Myanmar is still relatively untouched by tourism though this will undoubtedly change in the coming years as more and more people reach out to explore this rich and diverse land.

Colors of MyanmarThis in-depth trip is designed with the travel photographer and cultural adventurer in mind. As a result, this is not your typical "cookie-cutter" styled, often rushed, tourist trip to Myanmar. The primary mission is to provide you with unique insider's access coupled with detailed photo instruction in order to produce publication quality images of this remote and beautiful land. In order to do this, we have purposely limited this trip to just 6 Guests so as to create a very small and unobtrusive footprint to the places we visit. This quiet approach is often a key ingredient to getting great images, something that's nearly impossible to do in larger groups. Furthermore, we will stop, relax and take the time necessary to produce thoughtful and strong imagery. Unlike most standard tours of Myanmar, our days are extended to take advantage of the best light and subject matter which rarely follows an 8 hour "tour" schedule.

burma monksIn addition to a multitude of classic "must-see" photographic sights, we will also spend a significant amount of time exploring parts of Myanmar that are a little more off the beaten path. We will visit remote seldom visited mountain cultures renowned for their intricate facial tattoos and traditional ancient ways of life. At other locations, we will work extensively with the local population in an effort to create stunning portraits that help to capture the true essence of the people and the places we visit. When in more urban areas, we will also dive into the exciting, fun and unpredictable art of street photography where anything can happen. For our landscapes, you will be taken to the best locations at the best times, often before sunrise and then later into the evening to take advantage of the best lighting conditions. Whether you're new to photography or an experienced shooter, this trip is designed to push your photographic boundaries in a fun, supportive, stimulating and highly educational environment.

At a Glance:

Trip Date: November 7-20th, 2015.
Cost: $6900.  ($950 Single room supplement). A deposit of $500 is required to secure your spot.
Trip Leader: Scott Davis
Group Size: 6 Guests.
Number of Days: 14 days Total including estimated travel days.

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