Into the Blue: Swimming with and Photographing Sperm Whales
Into the Blue: Swimming with and Photographing Sperm Whales

Dominica is known as the "Nature Island" with 65% forest cover, 171 species of birds, and a vibrant underwater community. It is an island nation located in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea with English as the official language. Around this tiny but stunningly beautiful island, the normally elusive Sperm Whale has become comfortable with human presence, giving our small group of only 4 participants an extremely rare opportunity to snorkel and swim with these animals on the surface and underwater, providing a chance to photograph these cetaceans in their watery world. Female Sperm Whales and their young often stay near the island year-round in warm water pods while male Sperm Whales travel to the poles to chase deep-water squid. Each day for six days (conditions permitting) we will take daytime sea excursions on our boat, the Sharp Shooter, to look for these and other cetaceans plus other sea-life. We travel at the peak of the whale season to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Sperm Whale watching and snorkeling at sea. It is by far one of the best places on the planet to see and photograph Sperm Whales. Although Sperm Whales are our main focus, we will also devote time to explore some of Dominica's unique island wildlife and hike within the amazing forests in Cabrits National Park and perhaps swim through a cave near Titou Gorge.

At a Glance:

Date Jan 5-16th and Jan 11-22nd 2016, actual date may slightly change by a few days

Cost: $8,695 per person with 4 participants - double occupancy, not including airfare, singles extra.

Leaders: Scott Davis along with Pernell Francis and Bertrand Jon Baptiste.

Group Size: Small Group Size of only 4 participants not including leaders, maximum space on boat and optimal group size for up close and personal interactions with whales in a non crowded environment.

Number of Days: 12 days total including estimated travel time - 6 days on the water conditions permitting.

Boat: The Sharp Shooter, 12-passenger boat for daytime excursions.

Conditions: A non-smoking trip for people interested in close-up views of whales and their extraordinary behavior both above and below the ocean surface.

Free swimming only. No scuba.

Deposit of $500

Secure your spot early as this trip will sell out early.

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