South Africa: The Ultimate Animals of Land and Sea
South Africa: The Ultimate Animals of Land and Sea South Africa: The Ultimate Animals of Land and Sea South Africa: The Ultimate Animals of Land and Sea

South Africa continues to remain one of the world's premier wildlife safari destinations and for good reason. Some of the richest, most abundant and varied populations of African animal species can be found in both land and sea in South Africa. With this in mind and not wanting to miss out on highlights for what each environment has to offer, we've created a special photography oriented wildlife safari that strives to capture breathtaking images from the best of both worlds. This photography safari is sure to be an adrenaline rush from beginning to end!

great whiteIn the near shore waters adjacent to the beautiful South African city of Cape Town resides huge populations of Cape Fur Seals. As a result, It is here in a place called False Bay, along one of the Cape's most tranquil and picturesque stretches of coastline, that sizable populations of Great White Sharks come to hunt. One particularly dramatic hunting strategy of the white shark is to rush up from below on unsuspecting seals floating on the surface. Most often, this results in the shark launching (or breaching) himself clear out of the water in an effort to catch his prey. Witnessing this up close is truly an awe inspiring spectacle to behold. Fortunately for us, False Bay is one of the best places on the planet to witness this unique behavior. For the first part of this safari, It will be one of our primary goals to not only witness this most exciting of behaviors but to also capture it on "film". To add to the experience, we will have shark cages available for our use for those intrepid souls that also wish to slip into the watery domain of the white shark in hopes of having an eye to eye full immersive encounter. 

leopardImmediately following our 5 days of hopeful shark encounters, we hop on our charter flights and continue on safari to beautiful and private wildlife reserves near Kruger National Park for quintessential land predators and a host of other animal species. For the next 8 days, we will search for and observe predatory behaviors of big cats like African Lions, Cheetahs, and Leopards, as well as Hyenas, Painted Dogs, and Jackals. The reserves are also home to elephant, rhinoceros, hippo, antelope, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, monkeys, and birds like the colorful bee-eaters, large bustards, eagles, and storks. This safari is for people looking for an awesome wildlife experience and a focus on photography.

cheetahAbout this Photo Safari.

This exciting photography focused safari is for those interested in exploring and photographing South Africa's bounty of wildlife both on land and at sea. Special emphasis will be placed on capturing superb imagery of one of the planet's greatest and most awe inspiring predators - the Great White Shark. Additional focus will be on high quality encounters and photography of Africa's Big Five species as well as the myriad of other animal species South Africa's game reserves and National Parks have to offer. We purposely keep the size of this safari small and limited to 8 individuals to ensure comfort and optimal shooting conditions. Having a small group size provides a tremendous advantage when it comes to capturing world- calss images.

Disclaimer: This safari is NOT for individuals who wish to rush from animal to animal settling for mere snap shots but rather for those photographers who wish to shoot in a photo friendly, relaxed atmosphere where patience and effort will help to reveal the subtle nuances of animal behavior. This, with a dash of luck sets the recipe for producing that once in a lifetime image.

At a Glance:

DATE: Aug 31st - Sept 15th, 2016
COST: $11,995 per person, double occupancy, not including airfare, singles extra.
AIRFARE: Approximately $2,200 to $2,700 roundtrip from the US to South Africa, plus an estimated $729 for flights within South Africa (booked by our in house agent).
GROUP SIZE: 8 participants, not including leaders.
NUMBER of DAYS: 16 days total, including estimated travel time.
LEADERS: Scott Davis throughout (and Chris Fallows while in CapeTown).
TRANSPORTATION: We will be traveling by boat, mini-bus (around False Bay), and four-wheel drive Landcruisers with covered tops and open sides (in the Kruger area).
ACCOMMODATIONS: Lodging will range from a modern guesthouse while in Cape Town to luxury tented safari camps and lodges while in the bush.
CONDITIONS: This is a non-smoking tour for people who are very interested in spending the maximum time in the field.

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