On the Wings of the Albatross: South Georgia Island and the Southern Ocean
On the Wings of the Albatross: South Georgia Island and the Southern Ocean

South Georgia is the diamond in the Southern Ocean's crown of Sub-Antarctic islands, a spectacular glaciated mountain landscape home to some of the greatest wildlife densities found anywhere on earth. The concentrated populations of penguins, seabirds and marine mammals simply needs to be seen in order to be believed. The island remains extremely difficult to access and few expeditions do it justice. Join this incredibly unique expedition alongside scientists to survey, watch, photograph, and learn about the Wandering Albatross along with other polar species of glorious South Georgia Island located in the Sub-Antarctic region of the Southern Ocean.

penguinsIn collaboration with the Government of South Georgia we sail aboard the stout Hans Hansson with a small group of only 8 participants along with scientists and ship crew to survey Wandering Albatross populations. This survey is to be conducted once per decade in keeping with South Georgia's commitment to the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP). We will be exploring seldom visited areas typically never seen by visitors to South Georgia. We offer this singular opportunity for you to join four scientists on a special permit to visit islands usually completely off-limits to travelers, such as Albatross Island, the Willis Islands, and other remote regions along the spectacular southwest.

elephant sealsWith a group size of only 8 participants, coupled with exclusive permits providing unique access and an abundance of time, there will simply be no comparison to other larger vessels that visit the area. We will have the supreme luxury of exploring and photographing in quiet serenity. This expedition sails during the peak breeding season for an exceptional 18 landing days where you can assist with surveys, learn from renowned scientists, and explore and photograph one of the most dramatically scenic and wildlife-rich island habitats on the planet.

At a Glance:

Trip Date: January 1st-February 1st, 2015
Cost: $18,450 to $21,450 per person, shared occupancy, depending on cabin choice, not including airfare, singles extra. See cost details.
Group Size: 8 participants, not including staff and crew.
Number of Days: 32 days total, including estimated travel time with 29 days onboard the Hans Hansson.
Leader and Staff: Expedition Leader - Scott Davis, lead scientist Sally Poncet, Captain Dion Poncet, plus three more scientists.
Boat: The Hans Hansson.

This trip is now FULL but please contact me for future scheduled expeditions to South Georgia Island.

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